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Websites use cookies to provide the best experience for people who visit these sites. As Start Remote, we use cookies so that people who visit our site can more easily access the information they need. If you are uncomfortable with this situation, you can find the “cookies” tab in the settings of your browser and block our site or all other sites from this tab. However, this will cause serious disruptions in visiting your website.

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies, also known as cookies, are small text documents placed by a website on the device or network server you are connecting to. These documents save some of your information. However, the recorded information is never used to violate your privacy. The information recorded about you is used only to improve the user experience. It is planned to provide you with a better site by using the cookies you left before on your second visit to our site.

Cookies used on the Start Remote website

We also use some cookies on our website to provide you with a better service. The cookies we use may be permanent, temporary or technical, but never neglect your privacy. Temporary and permanent cookies can be used to make the time you spend on our site more comfortable. The purpose of technical cookies is to detect and fix technical problems that occur on our website. At the same time, companies that advertise on our site may also use cookies for marketing purposes. The privacy policies of external links on our site may vary and are the responsibility of the site you are directed to.

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